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Quick Stop Kosher
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Where taste and service go together rain or shine

Now the freshest kosher breakfast, lunches, and snacks paired with unrivaled customer service are cheaper, quicker and available where you want or need them, rain or shine!   

Quick Stop Kosher is the all-new, state of the-art Mobile Kosher Restaurant committed to providing delectably delicious and fresh hot/cold kosher food on wheels, to any location, event or private party throughout the five boroughs of New York, at almost any time of day or night or weekend.

Quick Stop Kosher

The fresh daily menu offers everything from soups, to falafel, panini, sushi, and  ready- made or made- to- order sandwiches—with  a slew of toppings, fillings and  baguettes to choose from and optional self  service for quicker service—plus salads, fresh fruit, and gourmet coffees. Far and away, though a special treat awaits you: Quick Stop Kosher’s authentic Belgian and Liege waffles prepared right on the immaculate premises, whose heady, irresistible fragrance is only matched by a divine flavor you’ll truly savor!

Quick Stop Kosher, where taste meets customer service, can’t wait to meet you.  Check out our latest location, or contact us and let us know about your event, location or party you’d like us to join you at so you can wow your guests with a Make-Your-Own –Sandwich or Waffle Station.  

Quick stop Kosher serves dairy and pareve and is certified kosher by Harav Pinchus Horowitz and Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Schreiber - The Presburger Hechsher.

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